Thursday, May 13, 2010

Culinarians of the Caribbean

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working on a cooking team headed by Ron Kruger, Flint Journal’s Food Editor, who staged an incredible Caribbean dinner for 50 at our church. It was the Annual Service Auction , a major fundraiser event, and Ron volunteered to plan and execute the meal. I jumped at the chance to work with him because I want to learn more about Caribbean cooking and because of Ron’s vast knowledge of food.

The menu: Jerk Chicken, Black Beans, Coconut Rice, Caribbean Slaw, and Key Lime Cake

The Bar: Cuban Milkshakes, Strawberry and Strawberry/Mango Daiquiris, and Caribbean Tea

What follows is a photo highlight of the event, including a sweet chocolate cake made with vodka and Kahlua, an auction item I put the winning bid on and then gave to the two-year old who was bidding against me.


  1. Just pictures is cheating. How do we know how it turned out, whether we should try it, and how it ties into your childhood?

  2. Steves,

    The answers to your questions: good, yes, nothing.

    Is it Miller Time yet?

  3. Wow, it all looks delicious! Was the other bidder really 2 years old?

  4. Did you happen to read my entry about Soyla's? I was sort of wondering about your opinion on the place since you're a big mexican food buff. I think you blogged about it one time too but I don't remember what you thought about it.

  5. Hannah,

    I did read your entry (The Changing Perceptions of Flint site mentioned it too this morning). Your experience was consistent with almost everyone I've talked to. The food is the best part, but the service is terrible and doesn't seem to get any better. It doesn't matter how good the food is if you can't provide good service.

  6. Oh did they really? How do I get on that mailing list so I can read it? I've been meaning to do that but I don't know how.

  7. Just send an email to They've mentioned you several times.