Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eulogy (part 1)

We gather, loyal readers, to say good bye to a dear friend of Flint. Well, four of them, to be exact. We gather to say good bye to four dear friends of Flint. Amigos, really. Or, as their known in the local community, Los Cuatro Amigos. Yes, in the dead of a very cold winter, one of our Mexican restaurants has gone belly up, bought the farm, cashed in all its chips.

The hand written sign on white board sits in the front window like a suicide note: “We are close.” (That’s not my typo). You are close, Amigos. You may not be close to our wallets anymore, but you will always be close to our hunger for the perfect enchiladas with green sauce. We’ll hear you, Amigos, in the crunch of every hard taco, with or without cheese that may or may not cost extra. We’ll see you in every house salsa, be it pureed, chunky, bland, peppery, green, red, or some in-between brownish color.

Let us honor the memory of our fallen comrades with a reading of the 23rd Psalm (with some minor revisions).

The lunch is my special I shall not miss.

It makes me mow down on warm tacos.

It leads me beside hot salsas

It quiets my hunger

It guides me in its paths of burritos

With cheese toppings.

And yea, though I walk

through the alley of Tex-Mex

I shall fear no charges

(for what should be free anyway).

Your beans and your rice

they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me

with a basket of tortilla chips.

You anoint my bowl with cheese dip.

My soufflé cup overflows.

Surely the heat of Serranos will follow me

the rest of the day and the night

and I will dwell on the taste of Sangria



  1. Maybe the sister eatery in Lansing will sing your song. I like it better up there anyways. Saginaw Hwy west of the city

  2. No!! I just ate there the other day. Saturday I was at Ba Doy Ow and saw that the LQA had no lights on. I just assumed they went home early. That sucks!

  3. Honestly, my stomach just knotted up when I read that. One of my top restaurants in the area, hands down. The staff treated us like family every time we went in, and the food was amazing. A definite loss for Genesee County.

  4. John, what did you think of Ba Doy Ow? I only ate there once,so I really need go again before I decide if I like it or not.

  5. Bob: I've been a few times and I dig it. I mainly stick to the veggie and pork dishes, however. The shrimp is a bit fishy for my taste and as a bourgey white boy I don't have the stomach for dark meat (at least as far as chicken is concerned. zing!) It's very simple food. Maybe a little on the pricey end of the lunch specturm but I'd eat it a few times a week if I worked closer to it and it didn't take so long to prepare the food. The staff is great and have provided me with free food a couple times, once for helping explain Taiwanese food to blank-staring white folk and once because I couldn't choose between two dishes.