Friday, January 15, 2010

Karmageddon's gonna getcha!

Mark McGuire’s admitted to being a cheater, The Balloon Boy’s dad’s been shipped off to jail, Mark Ingram’s quickly become the favorite son of Flint (he’s even got an action figure in his likeness already), ex-Catholics may or may not be happy, and now I’ve learned, through responses to my last post, that happy Catholics are happily practicing their happy faith.

But I digress.

I learned a new term today that helps me understand religious difference and to be more sensitive to it. The term comes from the Washington Post’s winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, sent to me by a friend in my office. The term is Frisbeetarianism: “The belief that, when you die, your soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there”. I’m not sure what happens to Frisbeetarians during Karmageddon, but for the rest of us “it’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s, like, a serious bummer.”

Now what was I chasing around that tree?

I think I’m suffering from transitionitis. Oh yah, this week’s blog post. P. Daddy spent most of Saturday in bed with a head cold, so Alexis and I made our own daddy/daughter day of it. If anyone ever tells you there’s nothing to do in Flint, or that Flint isn’t a family friendly place, then they’ve never spent a day with Alexis and me. On this particular day, we spent half of our morning at the Flint Children’s Museum and half of our afternoon at the YMCA swimming pool.

Our day started out, however, with a good big breakfast. Alexis wasn’t at all interested in my idea of cooking up some pancakes, muffins, eggs and bacon at home. “I don’t like your food daddy. Let’s go out to eat.”

Her two favorite places are Wing Fong, the Chinese restaurant on Corunna, and Applebee’s. Lucky for me, neither place serves breakfast, After a failed twenty-minute attempt to explain why we couldn’t have breakfast at either place, I finally convinced Alexis that Steady Eddy’s, on the second floor of the Farmer’s Market, would have everything she was looking for: Mickey Mouse pancakes and hot chocolate.

Flint made national headlines last fall—oh please, it’s not what you think—when our gem of a Farmer’s Market was named the Most Beloved Farmer’s Market in the country. Yes, in the country. And with good reason. As you drive past the front entrance on the way to the 10-acre parking lot (that’s a rough estimate), the first thing you see is the mosaic Flint Farmer’s Market sign that was designed and constructed by two local artists.

There’s a little patch of grass between the sign and the front door where, in the warmer seasons, a rotation of bands entertain the Market crowd on Saturdays. The music adds a festive tone to an already vibrant scene. This little grassy stage is where Alexis, in her little tie dye tee shirt and bare feet, learned to dance. It’s also where we run into old friends, catch up on our socializing, and enjoy the best crepe sandwiches I’ve ever had. (Let’s hope The Flint Crepe Company comes back this spring.)

Our Farmer’s Market is open year round and draws good indoor crowds all winter. In addition to the many shops, the Market boasts a top notch art gallery on the second floor across from Steady Eddy’s. There’s almost always a wait at Steady Eddy’s on Saturdays, so Alexis and I usually mingle around the gallery until it’s our turn to be seated. On Saturday, we got lucky because just as we arrived, two seats opened up at the bar.

If you don’t frequent the Farmer’s Market, then you may actually not be familiar with Steady Eddy’s. It’s a quaint little restaurant that in the winter seats between twenty five and thirty people. With a second story deck overlooking the outdoor vending stands, the summer seating allows for another twenty guests. The dining room of Steady Eddy’s underwent a makeover a few years ago when a group of Interior Design students from Baker College collaborated with owner Mike Lord to give the place a fresh modern look. It’s this melding of talents to do something good for the community that makes Steady Eddy’s (and the Farmer’s Market) so special.

Sadly, Mike passed away last fall, but his legacy is kept alive by the hard work of his family and friends who are determined to keep his dream alive. Walking into his restaurant is a lot like walking into a family gathering (Teddy, Jan and Ted, it was good to see you!) And the staff is, without question, the friendliest of any restaurant in the city.

Alexis did get her Mickey Mouse pancakes with hot chocolate, and I had some basted eggs with sour dough toast—where else in Fling can you get fresh baked sour dough? Steady Eddy’s gets a lot of its food from the Market vendors, so everything is served at the peak of freshness. There are dishes far more interesting than what I chose, including a tasty selection of omelets. My all time favorite is the South of the Boarder Omelet, which is loaded with spicy chili, avocado, sour cream, cheese, and salsa None of it costs extra, by the way :)

If you’re an oatmeal fan, you have to try Steady Eddy’s version, which is served with walnuts, pecans, raisins, and cinnamon. I’m not a big fan of oatmeal, but those who are rave about this stuff. The French Toast is equally bodacious to the palate.

I like to bring Alexis here for lunch even more so than for breakfast because she isn’t a big meat eater and Steady Eddy’s has a super friendly vegetarian menu. With ten vegetarian sandwiches, a half a dozen salads, and a small selection of tofu dishes, I never fight with Alexis to get her to eat. And since the food at Steady Eddy’s is so healthy, any choice is a good one.

After breakfast, we strolled through the vendor area as we do every week. Alexis picked out some great rolls from the bakery, and I couldn’t resist getting a small chunk of triple crème brie to go with it from The Cheese Guy. I honestly can’t remember it’s proper name, but this place has one of the largest and tastiest selections of cheeses I have ever seen. Paul, the owner’s son, usually runs the show, and he can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about any cheese in the shop. Make sure you ask him for a sample. Whether it’s cheese, bread, wine, produce, meat, or other specialty items, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for at the Flint Farmer’s Market. And if you can’t decide what to buy, take some time to think about it while you enjoy a fantastic meal in a warm and friendly environment at Steady Eddy’s. It’s a great way to start your Saturday!


  1. I remember going to the Farmer's Market with my grandfather as a kid. It was always an adventure and I have great memories of my time there with him. Moving to DC there are a few Market options, but none of them have the same warmth of the Flint Farmer's Market. Thanks for the nice post.

  2. Hi Kyle. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well in DC, one of my favorite cities.

  3. Bob - It's Hills Home Cured Cheese. They are fantastic, and knowledgeable, as you say. Try the drunken goat... Semi-firm goat Cheese soaked in red wine. Heaven.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Pale. I'm headed there tomorrow after work.

  5. aged Gouda (from the Cheese Guy) rocks (but cost a bit too) ;-)